Three Circles Ritual Self Love Ritual


It is essential you have attended a previous OYP event or join 21st OYP day or you attended ISTA Level 1 with Elaine. Please note if you join directly from the 21st day event, you are not guaranteed entry to the evening event, if it is felt not to be for you you will receive a full refund. Please contact Natalie Ford giving information of your name and the ISTA Level 1 or previous OYP/3 Circles event you attend and she will arrange for you to book & pay. 

What is involves?

The ritual evening is an honouring of the body and sexuality. It may involve optional nudity and group self love/self touch/ self pleasuring. It is a celebration of us in our natural state and in pleasure. Taking part in this ritual can be challenging for some but it is a hugely freeing experience and confronts/challenges any shame , fear and guilt we have around nudity and our sexuality. For those who have worked through shame, guilt and fear this ritual provides an opportunity to express and love yourself in a group space with other free souls.


Who is it suitable for?

It is essential that participants attend the Orgasmic Yoga practice workshop with Elaine or an ISTA level 1 with Elaine to be eligible to attend this event. You can book to attend the Orgasmic Yoga day event on the 21st July and also book to attend the evening ritual on the 21st, however you must be aware and willing to comply with Elaine’s approval on the day as to whether you may join the evening event. You will pay upfront and be refunded if for whatever reason if it felt from your side or your side that the ritual is not for you at this time.  We recommend that participants are familiar with self pleasuring groups and/or nudity or that you feel ready to step into such a space, breaking out of shame and hiding!


How will the space be held?

We will create a safe container with heart presence, consent and boundaries. This is not a workshop space as such and is not designed to be a place of individual support or processing. It is a ritual you will take part in. Elaine and the team will hold the space and will be available to provide support if anyone should need it, but this is not the purpose of this event. The idea of the ritual is to have the experience and see what that looks and feels like for you.

What will the workshop involve?

The event will consist of a short session to build the group ritual energy and set the container. We will then share the format of the ritual and some guidance / suggestions as to movement, dance and touch. We will begin the ritual with an honoring optional unrobing ceremony. We will then begin the ritual which will be guided by music.


The 3 Circles Ritual

The ritual is a place of witnessing, being seen and celebration. The ritual offers optional nudity and does not involve and talking or direct touch with others. There are no leaders, only supporters, space holders and time keepers. This beautiful ritual was taught to me by Joseph Kramer


There are three layers to the ritual space.

1.    Outer Circle /Realm

Silence, stillness, Presence and witnessing.

Joseph Kramer the creator of this ritual tells in story form about the outer circle

‘Silence, one of the three realms participants can move among during the Ritual. Some jokingly call this realm "Voyeur" because it is about doing nothing, just being with the energy of the Ritual and witnessing what is happening’

2.    Middle Circle/Realm

Activation , dance, movement , self touch, genital touch & arousal.

In Joseph’s story

‘The second realm of the Ritual, Awakening, concerns the great human venture of waking up. This is the realm of shaking and stretching, laughing and screaming, self-massage and aerobic activity, breathing and masturbating. Remaining within their own segment of the platform, each participant generates and circulates within their body the holy fire, the erotic life force, the ching chi.

3.    Inner Circle/Relam

Celebration, Dance and being seen.

Joseph shares ‘Dance is the realm of joyous movement, ecstasy, celebration, aliveness, glowing eroticism, emptiness/fullness, synergy, creativity, magic and mysticism. Dance is the place of erotic embodiment, of what is erotically possible’.


To end the event, we will have a celebration and sharing space after the ritual.



What to bring


Yoga mat or let us know if you don’t have one, a throw and/or a sarong, a large towel, a cushion if you want one, sheet,  oil/lubricant….


altar object, personal items, toys, fabrics feathers you might want to explore with.







Such an amazing naked 3-circles ritual last night, held by Elaine Young I cannot recommend her highly enough. She holds the space with sensitivity, grace, passion, and love - enabling deep transformation and big shifts. Highly recommended! AMS




Elaine Young is truly a magic weavers. Something beautiful happened last night and I am so grateful to have been a part of it xx


‪ JJ‪ i echo more echos as this was a heartfelt and intimate event that for me pulled together mind , body and spirit in a union of non judgmental pleasure/ecstasy and helped me to challenge inner critiques of competition, angst at public nudity, turgescents ect.... and all shared with other brave travellers on the journey of discovery and full-fill-meant xhugsx


I just want to thank you so much for your lovely energy and for the safe  space  you created last night.  I have been searching for a long time to find a way in which to develop my potential and to break free of past suffering and pain. CB


“ Im New to this but with every workshop, I am becoming more confident and discovering myself ”

MichaelThis was a beautiful and moving experience, which left me feeling blissful and at peace. A lovely way to explore the edge of one's boundaries in a safe environment.