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Explore Orgasmic Yoga

Mindful Self Pleasuring Day Workshop


Facilitated by Elaine Young

Plough Studios London

Explore Orgasmic Yoga - Mindful Self Pleasuring (Clothed Event)
Facilitated by Elaine Young

The Orgasmic Yoga day is a chance to learn all the things they never told you in school about our bodies, our sexual energy, our genitals - what are they made of and what do they do, how can we have fulfilling self pleasuring, how can we have more orgasms in our whole bodies not just our genitals, why is is sometimes hard to self pleasure without fantasy, what are the consequences of pornography and our sex lives today, how do genitals really like to be touched, how can I touch myself and lovers differently to allow more pleasure and connection, why do many of us still feel disconnected from our bodies, why do many of us still feel shame around sex and self pleasuring ?

This is a day of information, learning, letting go of inhibitions, finding out you are not alone in your confusion and struggles with your body and sex, questions and answers session, lots of new skills to take home and a clothed practice of Orgasmic Yoga. I would love you to join me if you feel called ...

What does it involve?

This is a safe space where you can take part as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. The event is a clothed workshop. We are beings capable of ecstatic expansive pleasure, if we allow ourselves to be so. From this experiential day, you will have more information as to how your sexual energy, genitals and body work. You will be able to see more clearly what gets in the way of this, how to change things and thereby be more able to play with and expand your sexual energy and arousal. I will share the building blocks of orgasmic yoga practice - mindful self pleasuring or masturbation, the practice allows you to orchestrate through up and down regulation your erotic energy and arousal using breath , sound, movement, pelvic floor engagement, genital massage techniques, intention and mindfulness. I will share information on male and female genital anatomy and sexual arousal patterns/orgasm, how to overcome boredom, distraction and shame. We will then have a clothed practice session with an orgasmic yoga meditation (OYP).. you may be surprised at how much you can feel with your clothes on!


This is an Invitation to

*Learn how to feel more sensual and sexual pleasure in your body and in your life

*A greater understanding of how to stay present in self pleasuring & love making

*Learn how to spread sexual and orgasmic around your entire body

*Understand your genital anatomy more? How it works, what is there?

*Learn genital massage techniques

*Experience deeply satisfying self pleasuring free of boredom or shame?

What are the benefits of OYP?
To feel & to re-connect to your body as a source of wisdom, happiness and freedom.

It creates self empowerment & independence, weaves/connects the heart & the genitals,

frees us of the need for fantasy & imagery for arousal & helps us to breaks old pattern,

so that we can feel and allow more pleasure and orgasmic energy in our bodies.

Why self pleasuring?

We are naturally ecstatic open and expansive being, sadly for many of us we have become accustomed to being dependent on others to experience sexual pleasure. This is not an empowered way to be as a sexual being in this world, it can lead to sometimes poor choices around partners, neediness and lack of self confidence. Often we can make unspoken agreements with others that they are somehow responsible for our peace, pleasure, fulfillment and wholeness and that we are responsible for theirs in return. Any other way of celebrating our unique, sexual, potent and perfect being is veiled with guilt and shame. By changing our belief system that we are whole, and that love, joy and fulfillment is all to be found within each of us, we create a healthy foundation of self esteem, confidence and worthiness. Owning and mastering your sexual energy and power is a way to take responsibility for your own life and pleasure, and thrive as a human being, rather than feeling dependent on someone else. The primary focus of OYP is to assist you to access ecstatic, transformational states through erotic self touch.
Change the way you masturbate - change your life!

What is a Sexological Bodyworker?

Sexological Bodyworkers are somatic sex educators, supporting individuals, couples and groups to learn to direct their own erotic development, learn about their bodies, sex and sexuality, or work through sexual issues or concerns.

We offer experiential learning opportunities that consciously access profound ecstatic and erotic states. Our teaching involves a variety of instructive modalities, including breathwork, touch, erotic massage, pelvic release work, scar tissue remediation, and Orgasmic Yoga coaching.

One of the somatic realms that Sexological Bodyworkers introduce to our students is a state of arousal that is free of fantasy, unfinished emotional business, religious dogma, cultural caveats and habitual sexual behaviors. In this meditative state, an individual becomes aware of the body as a source of wisdom and freedom. One of the ways to access this fecund state is by actively receiving a Taoist Erotic Massage,  helping others access and make use of a variety of erotic states is foundational to the education we offer.

Elaine Young BSc (Hons) MSc CSB

Elaine is a Tantra, Shamanic Breathwork & Bodywork Facilitator. She currently facilitates workshops private clients sessions in London. Elaine has a particular interest in transformational bodywork and breathwork, emotional release, ego freedom, embracing your inner warrior, reclaiming your power and creativity, grief healing, Self Love, somatic sex coaching, conscious kink, integration of the masculine and feminine, reclaiming your Shadow and Tantric Rituals.

Elaine is a Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator & Ordained Shamanic Minister, a Tantra Educator, Urban Tantra Professional Graduate and a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Coach. Elaine is a Lead Faculty member of ISTA International School of Temple Arts.