Full Body Energy Orgasm Weekend 



Facilitators:    Elaine Young &  Catherine Hale


































This workshop is for all genders, couples and singles. There will be no nudity or intimate genital touch however genital touch through clothes may be an option. If you are in a relationship/partnership and your partner isn’t attending please agree on your boundaries around touch with them before the workshop.


What does it involve?

Orgasmic energy, when guided through the body, can be used to release energetic blocks and clear the way for more pleasure to be experienced in the body. When we open up to shifting from being in a pleasure starved state to a pleasure filled state we begin to see significant changes in all areas of our lives including: health, wealth, abundance, and relationship.


In this workshop we will provide the information, demonstrations, guidance and practice. You will observe a number of demonstrations including a full energy orgasm session and you will have the time to ask questions. You will then over the two days be shown a number of off body and body touch techniques and will have the opportunity to give and to receive a number of full body orgasm sessions. This will be a safely held space with authentic consent and all boundaries honoured. You will be in choice at all times as to your participation level.



This workshop is for all genders, couples and singles. There will be no nudity or intimate genital touch however genital touch through clothes may be an option. If you are in a relationship/partnership and your partner isn’t attending please agree on your boundaries around touch with them before the workshop.

Who will I work with?

You may practice with a partner or friend if you booked together. Single attendees will be invited to rotate and practice with other attendees in partnered pairs or groups of three ( this allows you to have a variety of different experiences).


See it live:


Demo link to Catherine giving a clothed full body orgasm session https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6z3X2-pnzdY


Testimonials from recent Opening to Energy Orgasm 2 day Experience


'This was an amazing experience. I felt so connected with the fantastic people in the group. Thank you Catherine and Elaine.' Vijay


'A very powerful experiential workshop with a lovely group, expertly facilitated in a space that felt completely safe.' Simon


'I have experienced a deeper sense of my own sexuality and its potential, especially the potential for diffuse yet intense pleasure and energy. I also learnt quite a bit about how to give pleasure to my beloved, which is very precious.' Amanda


'Amazing workshop! Exceeded all expectations...Felt totally safe thanks to the facilitators and everyone in the group. Deep release, healing and pleasure!! Thank-you.' Lily


'Always highly, challenging, informative and loads of fun. Would recommend to everyone.'~Simon P


'Thank you for last night, you made it very clear and easy to understand. I have always found the human body fascinating, how it works and how all the systems work together, but more anatomy and physiology. This is something quite different, creating energy from within. Thank you and I look forward to what you may do in the future'. ~ L.xx


'I gained further insight as to what my sexual issues are and some techniques to help me progress further along my path towards sexual pleasure. Excellent relationship insights and advice, sexual insights and emotional expression which was sorely needed. It has helped bring my ‘stuff’ more towards the surface so I can deal with it much better. Also the practical techniques in how to express anger and sadness will be very very useful to me going forward. Thank you!'~Mina


'An experience that leaves me without words. I feel I have learnt about myself and expanded my capabilities. Also felt really safe and held. I was missing the community feeling! Just what I needed. Thanks." ~ Victoria


"Amazing really good experience it felt a safe environment to explore aspects of myself." ~ William


"It was an amazing experience and a good learning one. Many thanks." ~ William


"Very good"~ Hashim


"Good memories of the last session are still alive."~ Dharmesh Rajput


"I loved it!" ~ Ingrid



About Us

Elaine Young  BSc MSc CSB

Elaine is a Sexuality, Tantra, Breathwork & Bodywork Facilitator and Guide. Elaine currently facilitates workshops , meetup gatherings and private clients sessions in London.


Elaine has a particular interest in transformational bodywork and breathwork, emotional release, ego freedom, embracing your inner warrior, reclaiming your power and creativity, grief healing, Self Love, somatic sex coaching, conscious kink, integration of the masculine and feminine, reclaiming your Shadow and tantric practices.


Elaine is Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Tantra Educator, Urban Tantra Professional Graduate and Sexological Bodyworker.


Elaine has collaborated and supported events for others in the field including The School of Temples Arts (ISTA). Elaine was medical scientist for many years, she brings that experience of the physical manifestations of dis-ease to her current transformational healing & wellness practices. She bridges the gap from science to spiritually with love and respect for both.







Catherine Hale CSB

Catherine’s work takes people into the depths of their being allowing them to discover the truth of who they are, through the exploration of their shadow. In this journey of the soul she guides them to return to the light so they can shine brighter and bolder and to be the love that they are.


With over 20 years of teaching experience Catherine blends the traditions of spiritual psychotherapy with shamanism, trauma healing and body-based modalities including sexological bodywork with energy work and Tantra.


Her work with clients is about embodiment, taking people into the places where they have disconnected and reawakening their capacity to feel deeply. To rediscover how to feel safe, how to experience agency and to move beyond a place of triggering. Here the connection between sexuality and spirituality is key, and supporting people back into pleasure is the pathway.


She is a faculty member of ISTA and facilitates global Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Trainings ( https://www.schooloftemplearts.org/ )


For more details please go to: http://www.tantricawakening.org.uk