Shamanic Breathwork TM

Breathwork is a powerful modality for letting go of whatever is no longer working in your life and gives you access to your true authentic self and your inner wisdom .. beyond and beneath the ego...​


Shamanic breathwork aids transformation in those of us feeling held back in life by anxiety, feeling stuck, depression, addiction or overwhelm. It also provides an opportunity to deeply connect with your creative self and to make lasting shifts in the energetic patterns that we can become trapped within throughout our lives.. from our childhood, working life and relationships.You may be simply curious about the process or you may want to expand your awareness and consciousness.


This day meet up will include a introduction to Aquarian Shamanism and Shamanic Breathwork, Kundalini shaking, a guided meditation, a 1hour Shamanic Breathwork Journey,  Mandala art expression and a journey processing session. There will be an opportunity to receive energetic bodywork during the journey. Dependent on numbers you may then have an opportunity to co-journey with another person and hold space for their experience, this is an powerful witnessing opportunity to hold space for another.


Shamanic Breathwork engages Chakra-aligned music, intention and the breath to create a safe space for you to let go of your conscious mind. It allows you to travel deep into your own psyche, witness and heal deep inner wounds, release past trauma, let go of that which no longer serves you and gain inspiration, vision, clarity and guidance as to your true path.


Shamanic Breathwork is a safe practice in which to enter a natural altered state of consciousness.This will be a safely held space with guides experienced in this breathwork modality.