Shamanic Womb Journey
9th-14th October 2018
Devon UK with Janine Ma Ree

A deep dive into the feminine mysteries… for those in female bodies.






I am so thrilled and honoured to be hosting Janine Ma-Ree while she offers her gifts and this powerful womb journey to the UK. Janine has until now only offered this in Australia where she is based. We are very blessed to have her with us. This event will be popular and places are limited, so book early if you want to ensure you get a place. Event will be open for booking in the next week or so. 

The source of feminine power is in the heart of matter/mada/mother.This journey is an embodied descent into the dark light of the womb and her ancient primordial wisdom.An activated Womb is alive, pulsating, and an endless depth of love, wisdom and power. The womb and her sacred elixir the womb blood creates a portal to the feminine mysteries and a direct connection to the greater She..

On this womb journey, through circle, shamanic ritual and ancient temple arts you will remember how to access and activate the light hidden in the depths of the womb known as the dark light.You will awaken archetypes and the mystery of She within you.You will discover and connect more deeply to your primordial wisdom.You will activate the power of your womb and discover how to open into the feminine hearts natural state of deep rapture.You will come home to the depths of yourself…

On this 6 day live in journey we will explore

Womb gates experiential
Womb Blood mysteries
Feminine archetypes light and dark 
Womb activation 
Womb gates shadow work 
Womb gates ecstatic embodiment
Power of descent
Collective and feminine lineage clearing
Awakening the priestess
The path of the feminine mystic 
Dark matter, danklight and the holy dark
Earth womb and cosmic womb portals
Dark light activation
Sisterhood taboo
Healing the patriarchal shadow within
Returning the feminine and masculine to original innocence 
Merging with the beloved.
And a mystery day trip to the Glastonbury area to visit feminine sacred sites, including a stone circle."



Duvale Retreat Devon

Gorgeous country setting in Devon with homely accommodation in shared rooms.

Duvale Priory is set in the beautiful Exe Valley, Devon. We have an amazing large barn for our temple space and a lovely period countryside houses to stay for our sleeping and eating accommodation. Stonehenge and Glastonbury are within a reasonable drive of 1 hour or so allowing for traffic. Check out the accommodation

We Are Easy To Find!

By Air :  Exeter Airport at Ayslesbeare, 40 minutes drive

By Rail : Tiverton Parkway, 20 minute drive

By Road : Junction 27 of the M5. From Tiverton,take the A396 towards Bampton. After 5 miles, at the Exeter Inn, take the left exit on the mini roundabout. After half a mile, take the left turn onto the drive of Duvale Priory.


EX16 9EG.


£1375 this includes all tuition, gorgeous food and accommodation in this Devon country house, also any field trip travel costs.  A non-refundable deposit of £500 is required to secure your place. Spaces are limited, so if you want to join us please book now






Credit Card/ Paypal charges are added (Booking deposit: £500 + £18  - Regular Price: £1375+ £45) 


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Cancellation Policy


Cancellation 8 weeks or more in advance: £150 is due as an admin fee and you will be refunded the rest of your deposit within 10 working days.


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Know more about Janine's work on this Talk hosted by Laurie Handlers

Sex and Happiness Radio
this week: Womb Mysteries

Laurie is joined by Janine Ma-Ree, the founder of Red Earth Temple. Together, they discuss feminine womb mysteries. Janine is a lead faculty with International School of Temple Arts and draws on over twenty-five years’ experience as a holistic health practitioner, presenter, author, facilitator, and transformational guide.


About Janine 

Janine Ma-Ree

North West NSW,


Janine spent a large part of her life on an ascendent spiritual path. When she finally listened to her soul crying out, beyond a place she could understand, she let go of her fear stories, and opened to the mystery of the dark and the path of descent. Descent into the body, into the dark recesses of her womb and into the earth. Integrating the dark has brought her home to herself.Janine has a passion for the feminine mysteries, the holy dark and the path of the mystic. She works with the womb as the source of feminine power, and a portal to the earth and cosmic wombs. She experiences the womb as the mystery, the web of life, infinite love and the authentic feminine voice, holding codes, that when activated, show us the way home, to ourselves and to the beloved.A few years ago Janine founded Red Earth Temple, a living temple of activated wild land. The land is her teacher, her muse and co creator. The acres of Red Earth, combined with the womb canyon thru the centre, and the Wild Innocence of the untamed bush, create a potent shamanic field for deep immersion, ritual and session work.Janine offers a transformational space and supports people to bring the polarities of masculine, feminine, light and dark into consciousness and embodiment, so they can live a more integrated life from the heart centre and follow the ecstatic current that emanates from that place.She offers Shamanic Womb Journeys, Immersion days, private sessions, facilitates as lead faculty, and serves on Governance at International School of Temple Arts. She also offers other workshops as they emerge.Janine draws on over 25 years experience in wholistic health as a practitioner, presenter and facilitator as well as the many mentors, guides, teachers and experiences that she has been gifted on her life’s path.Ad Dip App Sc (Nat), post graduate courses in Bioenergetic Medicine, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hawaiian School of Tantra, Shamanic Temple Arts, Sacred Sexuality and Sexual healing, Pomegranate Grove Priestesshood Sacred Mystery School and Initiation Centre. Isis Mystery School and Magdalene Rose Line.