A Breathwork Journey ...

July 29, 2013


 A Breathwork Journey


29th July


10.30am - 6pm


Stageworks Studios

Europa House, 13-17 Ironmonger Row


London EC1V 3QG



Cost: £ 75,-


Facilitator: Elaine Young


Link to meetup group: click here



This day meet up will include a introduction to Aquarian Shamanism and Shamanic Breathwork, a guided meditation, a 1hour-115hmin Shamanic Breathwork Journey, an art expression and discussion group time to process share your experience, if you would like to. You will then have an opportunity to co-journey with another person and hold space for their experience, this is an amazing experience to hold for another. This will be a safely held space with guides experienced in this breathwork modality.

Shamanic Breathwork utilizes the natural power of the breath, chakra-attuned music and energetic release work to help you:

•Release the past and become more powerful in the present
•Access your deep inner wisdom and reclaim your authentic self
•Accelerate your evolution and step into your Sacred Purpose


Shamanic Breathwork is a highly transformative process that utilizes the healing power of the breath, music, shamanic techniques, art and process work to create safe space and enter a natural altered state of consciousness.


It is a powerful modality for letting go of whatever is not working in your life and allowing in your PASSION, POWER and PURPOSE. Whether you are simply curious about the process, wish to evolve your consciousness to a next level or feel held back in life by anxiety, feeling stuck, depression, addiction or overwhelm, Shamanic Breathwork allows you to move beyond the ego and learn to reconnect with the guiding voice of your inner wisdom.


As we let go of the dysfunctional patterns of the past and connect to a vision for what we want in the future, we find that we really can change in the present.

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