The Art of Conscious Touch ...

April 8, 2014


The Art of Conscious Touch



9th April, 2014


7.15pm - 9.45pm


The Skylight Centre

49 Corsica Street, London N5 1JT


Cost: £ 20,-


Facilitator: Elaine Young

Facilitator: Catherine Savita Hale



Link to meetup page: click here


Through the creation of a sacred and safe space we will be supporting you to explore what it means to give and receive conscious loving touch.   Conscious touch is a two-way dance between giver and receiver so it requires presence, being centred and self-awareness. When you are aware of your body posture, breath, thoughts, words, your connection to your heart, the flow of energy in your body, your connection to earth and to spirit, your touch is simultaneously deeper and softer, and you are more open to intuition. This helps the receiver to feel more comfortable, receptive, trusting and aware. Its about the quality of yourself that you bring to the dance which informs the touch that you use, and through this miracles can begin to happen. Bodies begin to open in ways they hadn’t previously and old wounds become touched and healed.   In this workshop you will work fully clothed with a partner, initially exploring your boundaries around touch, then learning to listen to your body wisdom and asking to be touched in the way that honours you and meets your desire.  

Couples of any gender mix are welcome, as are single people of both sexes.

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