Explore Full Body Orgasm ...

June 15, 2014


 Explore Full Body Orgasm


18th June, 2014


7.15pm - 9.45pm


The Skylight Centre

49 Corsica Street, London N5 1JT



Cost: £ 20,-


Facilitatior: Elaine Young

Facilitator: Catherine Savita Hale



Link to meetup page: click here


Orgasmic energy, when guided through the body, can be used to release energetic blocks and clear the way for more pleasure to be experienced in the body. When we open up to shifting from being in a pleasure starved state to a pleasure filled state we begin to see significant changes in all areas of our lives including: health, wealth, abundance, and relationship.


In this workshop you will observe a full body orgasm session, will have the time to ask questions and have the opportunity to give and to receive a full body orgasm session.


In this workshop you will be fully clothed and will work with a partner.


Couples of any gender mix are welcome, as are single people of both sexes.


Elaine & Catherine are co facilitating the ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience at Osho Leela this summer with Baba Dez Nichols.



About Us

Elaine Young is a Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, an ordained Shamanic Minister, a Tantra& Bodywork coach and an ISTA faculty member based in London. Elaine has a complementary background with a Bachelors and a Masters degree in medical science and healthcare. Her practice offers workshops and private sessions including Shamanic Breathwork, bodywork to explore dearmouring, letting of pain & grief, connecting to your sexual energy, self love, tantric practices, sacred spot rituals. Elaine has worked as a diagnostic scientist in direct patient contact for 20 years, she brings that experience of the physical manifestations of dis-ease to her current transformational healing & wellness practices. She bridges the gap from science to spiritually with love and respect for both.

Elaine completed a shamanic Initiate& Breathwork tm facilitator program with Linda Starwolf.Elaine's tantra teacher training includes the tantra educator program with Charles Muir USA.



http://www.meetup.com/Tranformational-ShamanicBreathwork- London/


Catherine Hale is a Dakini/Sacred Sexual Healer, a Tantra Teacher, a Counsellor, Bodyworker and an ISTA faculty member having practices in Dorset at the Osho Leela community and in London.

Catherine has a background in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy and in education which is reflected in her capacity to communicate with warmth and clarity and her ability to tune into and be fully present with clients. Her private practice offers workshops in the UK and overseas and individual sessions including relationship, sexuality and intimacy coaching, energetic and hands on bodywork, and Tantric practices for men, women and couples. Her Tantra Teachers have principally been Andrew Barnes, Baba Dez, and Bruce Lyon.

She has been immersed in global ISTA Sacred Sexual Shamanic Trainings since 2012.



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